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I wanted to take a moment to talk about where this track came from.

"Milk Eye" came from a desire to accomplish what Jon Hopkins did with his track "Light Through The Veins," in regards to slowly penetrating the listener's headspace and constantly, gradually building itself up to inflict a blissful feeling on the listener as time goes on. Like "Light," I wanted to inspire this feeling in as gentle and warm a way as I could via subtle details and gradual changes. I wanted to invite you into my headspace, make you feel at home, and have you feel warm and safe. To spread love and positivity onto you, should you want me to.

I'm not perfect, neither is "Milk," neither is the cover - a bust of my character rendered less than ideally. Regardless of how I feel about myself though, I feel that anyone who listens to my work deserves to feel respected and loved, and to know that I'll keep trying. I hope I accomplished that for you here.

Normally I don't talk about my work because I want the listener to draw their own experiences from it, so I apologize for that. But thank you for your time, and for allowing me to write about something very personal to me.

You always have my love, respect, and well-wishes. Thank you. <3

"Milk Eye" available here:…
Hi all, I have a new EP out. It's called "Through Mountains," and you can listen/download here:

I hope this resonates with you, and I hope you pass it along to friends and loved ones.
Thank you for your time, support, and love. You have my love in kind.
Wanted to make one final push on the EP just incase it skipped by those who might not've gotten word.

Thank you all so much for the overwhelming response. Because of you, the EP managed to hit #3 on Bandcamp, I've gotten my first ever review, and I've managed to let myself relax and not be afraid of everything for a while. You folks have brought smiles, laughter and joy to my life, and it's my sincere hope that I can do that (or keep doing that) for you, too.

Thank you, folks. You have my deepest gratitude and admiration. <3

EP Here:…
Hi deviants, I just released what I feel is my strongest, most cohesive work to date. I'd be honored and forever grateful if you'd give it a listen and spread it around to friends and loved ones. I hope you like what you hear.…

Thank you for your time, sincerely. <3
I'm considering this the last call for these headJACK shirts (seen here:! If you want one, fill out the form below. I'll be talking to the printers very soon and I need an accurate quantity; after which I'll be collecting payments.

Here's the form:…

Thank you so much for helping me meet the ordering quota, guys. I love you all and I can't wait to don this swag.
Check out the prospective shirt here:

So it looks like I'll be researching screen-printing options here. I hid the listings on RedBubble, and the reasons are two-fold:

1: You'll get the shirt cheaper.

2: The shirt will be of higher quality.

It's a win-win, right? Just ridiculously expensive for me out of pocket. So, what I'll be doing is researching printing places around here and then I'll be opening for pre-orders, soon. If I get enough pre-orders, I'll run with production.

But I need your help.

I doubt I'll be able to print both designs, so I'd really, really love to know which of these two you'd prefer. You can expect me to be making a huge push behind these once they're ready to go.

Thank you for your time, folks. Sorry for being a downer the past couple of days.

Take care now.
Well, "name your price", to be exact, so you COULD have it for nothing, but you could also throw some nickels at my face and scream at me too, if you wanted. Tell your friends and family, as there's only 3000 of these to go and I'm not sure how long that'll last! Could be months, but y'never know.

This is to celebrate the AMAZING love you guys have shown me over the years that's lead up to 1k fans on the facebook fanpage. It may seem arbitrary, even small a number, but hell, for a no-name like me it's incredible, and I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart, as always. <3

Thank you guys, again and again, for all the love you've shown me and my work. I humbly thank you. <3

So I recently had the privilege of being asked to offer Thank You and Skitter EP as part of The Indie Gala's latest bundle. I really like what these guys are doing, because it's similar to Humble Indie Bundle, but instead of just games you also get great music for whatever you decide to chip in. The big thing for me here is, like the HIB, you can determine how much goes to the Gala, how much goes to the game devs, and how much goes to charity.

Honestly, it looks like they have some great games and music on offer this go around, and I seriously endorse checking them out and spreading the word. Have a look, and thanks for reading!
Please read/see here at my tumblr, and spread it around.…
Hey folks, just wanted to let y'all know that I'm opening up two slots for album cover commissions!

The way that these work is simple. I take your character, and an album's worth of music (which doesn't have to be yours), and I make an album cover for you. You can see examples with "Outcast" and "All or Nothing" from my newest deviations.

The slots'll go for $30, +$5 per additional character.

Drop a note my way with a ref and a tracklist if you're interested! Thanks guys, and much love as always. <3
It's true. I won't sit here and try to sell you folks on it, I'd rather you take a look at the material itself and consider how really fucking cool it's going to be to have a printed version of this sitting on your desk.
Yep, finally. I'm going to be using YT to help promote future work, so I finally uploaded Thank You! Other folks were so generous as to upload Hope Against Hope and Beware! already.

I love you guys, truly, madly. <3…
It's true! Someone was kind enough to set up a fanpage for my work, and I'm just beside myself and want to give you guys mega-cuddles.

Here it is, woah!…

And sorry for the inactivity as of recent, folks. School's got me busy. Hope you're all taking care though!
Yep, pay what you want, even if it's nothing at all. I've stated (maybe even overly so) how thankful I am for you guys listening, but I truly can't say it enough. You guys let me do what I do. It's a grand, grand privilege, and without you guys I wouldn't be able to do what I do. So, that's that then. All of my finished music work is free for the month of December. Please tweet this, "like" this on facebook, tumblr it and tell your friends. I'd love to run out of download codes this month. Much love.

My Tumblr:

These guys at newdust put me up for their "Electric Saturday" post! Awesome thing to wake up to for sure, and I think it's my first blog appearance. D: Sweet googly moogly. I'm all kinds of indie-excited. *strokes dad beard, dons aviators*

Seriously though, fuck irony - this just makes me giddy. <:

I'm still working on commissions, those of you that expressed interest - there's basically one slot left. So apologies if I can't work on yours. ^^; Thank you so much for the interest though, it is flattering. <:
Uh...College is expensive.

I'd be offering work featuring whatever you want in this style here:
Mostly so I can force myself to really bust down on getting back into drawing and to quit being complacent over certain things. Along with paying off a macbook the college is forcing me to buy. |:

Prices would be pretty cheap...$10 for one-character line-art, $25 for a full piece (shading, bg, etc.) I think, Another $5 for each extra character, and I'd charge another $10 for anything kinky.

I'll open up a few slots and see how it goes from there.

Thank you guys for keeping me in the post office all last week by the way, holy crap. /3: Air-conditioning is a beautiful thing. <3
As I promised, I went to the Post Office and spent FOUR AND A HALF HOURS labeling, signing, and shipping everyone's order of Thank You. <: <3

Love you guys. <333

Still some left in case anyone would be so kind as to keep me in an air-conditioned post office for awhile longer. <8 <333
To the generous folks who are waiting on their physical copies of Thank You. Due to being completely exhausted and busy after AC, and now due to the holiday weekend (and two gentlemen in the post office causing a ruckus over packages being sent to Mexico), I'm going to have to wait until Tuesday to start shipping these out.

Huge apologies everyone, but they will be shipped out.

You can find the album here, by the way. Comes with a poster and mailer.  <: /

I derped on this back when I made Hope Against Hope and Beware available for free. So I went ahead and fixed the following issues that were nagging at me. This is just a small update for those of you that this might effect:

1. Singular tracks no longer require you pay a dollar minimum to get them, unlike the album they're a part of, which required nothing. I don't know why I made the adjustment to offer the album for free and that didn't extend to the individual tracks themselves, blame bandcamp. But now you can cherry pick individual songs that you want from those two, instead of having to download the entire album and delete the songs you don't like. More freedom for you guys to get the music you actually want, should you want it.

2. EVERYTHING - including Thank You when it's released - is now under a Creative Commons license. Specifically the Attribution Non-Commercial license, seen here:…

I heartily encourage everything that license drafts out. Everything. Including just asking me for a waiver on the non-commercial license and ESPECIALLY the freedom for sharing and remixing and tweaking. Again, this is more freedom for you guys in regard to my work, and THIS in particular is something that I should've had spelled out clearly way beforehand.

Thanks guys. <: